General & Entrance Mats
Patio Pavers

Recycled Rubber Patio Pavers

Enhance the comfort and appearance of your patio areas.

  • 2 Year warranty
  • U V Stabilized
  • Ideal for Pergola Areas
  • Manufactured from High Grade recycled rubber
  • Smooth Surface Makes Cleaning & Maintenance Easy
  • "Powder Coated" surface gives realistic look masonry finish
Patio Pavers

Cleaning: Wash and dry or shake.

Part No. Colour Size
SGRPTB Black 500x500x15 mm
SGRPTT Terracotta 500x500x15 mm
SGRPTG Green 500x500x15 mm
SGRPGT Speckle 500x500x15 mm
SGRPTSL Slate 500x500x15 mm
SGRPTB1000 Black 1000x1000x15 mm
SGRPTT1000 Terracotta 1000x1000x15 mm